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Newsletter September 2020

Dear Readers,

How should it be any different: even in Johannes-Hospiz many procedures must be considered and decided against the backdrop of health hazards by COVID-19. These procedures must still be adapted to the requirements of a safe contact. After the first extensive restrictions, however, successful ways are showing up for carrying through offers in appropriate formats. A good example are the three little concerts in the hospice garden which will be reported under the heading “Day-to-day work at the hospice”. But also our work of grief counseling has found a way to change our stationary “café for the mourners” into a “café on the road”. A small group of five persons at the most gather together and take a little walk (by keeping due distance) and a “coffee-to-go” in a cup specially designed for this event must not be missed.

I sincerely wish you to not get tired by the constant efforts towards keeping the regulations but to succeed in creating space for something new.


Andreas Stähli

Day-to-day work at the hospice

Little concerts in the garden of Johannes-Hospiz

After long weeks of isolation, the residents of the hospice together with their relatives and the nursing team were pleased about three “little garden concerts” which were performed in the months of summer. There were three afternoons that made us forget about corona and many other things for a while.

In June, with the ladies’ duo “Bread and Tulips” it was all about great love, little terraced houses, dining out, Paris, and the ...

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Restrictions and possibilities within the academy

It is good to have possibilities and spaces within the work of the Academy as matters of education have presently been hit hard in these complicated times. It was particularly regrettable that both the official trips to Moldavia and Ukraine and the annual forum “Spirituality” were canceled. The general education program could not be carried through and the further education in palliative care for nurses had to be postponed twice. It will now start in September in larger ...

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Expanding horizons

Publication of “Palliative Care for Nurses” in Ukraine

An important part of the projects in 2020 between the hospice in Ivano-Frankvisk and Johannes-Hospice, sponsored by the Foreign Office, is the making of a textbook on palliative care for nurses in Ukrainian language. For this reason, a project group was formed, which consists, beside the director of the project Andreas Stähli, of the two head nurses and the two directing physicians of the out- and in-patient hospice in Ivano-Frankvisk and the directing nurse of the region. ...

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