Little concerts in the garden of Johannes-Hospiz

After long weeks of isolation, the residents of the hospice together with their relatives and the nursing team were pleased about three “little garden concerts” which were performed in the months of summer. There were three afternoons that made us forget about corona and many other things for a while.

In June, with the ladies’ duo “Bread and Tulips” it was all about great love, little terraced houses, dining out, Paris, and the sea. The versatile artists sang about everyday life and great emotions. The duo Stefani & Markus Sparfeldt together with the pianist Jürgen Bleibel continued the series of concerts in July. They revived the unforgettable hits of Udo Jürgens – a little homage to the grand seigneur of German music. And in August, the soprano Professor Caroline Thomas finally interpreted famous operatic arias and popular melodies of classical music accompanied by Jürgen Bleibel. So the lovers of classical music also got their money’s worth.

Johannes-Hospiz had organized these concerts as a little thank-you both for the residents and the nurses whom such a lot had been demanded of. Furthermore, there was the wish to show our appreciation for the artists. For years, they have been supporting the charity performances of our house with their commitment. That is why the hospice placed its garden at disposal for musical performances, unfortunately, due to the situation, without a public audience.

At the same time, Johannes-Hospiz called upon all music lovers to support Münster’s artist – as a little consolation for the canceled concerts and performances. So the savings bank “Münsterland-East” could be won as a sponsor. With their support, the concerts were filmed and made accessible online to a larger audience. You can find recordings of the concerts on the youtube-channel of Johannes-Hospiz.


Leo Bisping, head of public relations

Soprano Prof. Caroline Thomas accompanied by Jürgen Bleibel