Publication of “Palliative Care for Nurses” in Ukraine

An important part of the projects in 2020 between the hospice in Ivano-Frankvisk and Johannes-Hospice, sponsored by the Foreign Office, is the making of a textbook on palliative care for nurses in Ukrainian language. For this reason, a project group was formed, which consists, beside the director of the project Andreas Stähli, of the two head nurses and the two directing physicians of the out- and in-patient hospice in Ivano-Frankvisk and the directing nurse of the region.

The book will be subdivided into for large chapters. The concept of “total pain” will be in the centre, a holistic approach, which understands the human being as a whole. This is of elementary importance particularly for sickness and dying. Along these lines, the 10 core competences of the European Association for Palliative Care will be regarded. Beside specific subjects of nursing such as palliative care of the mouth, subjects of communication, cultural, ethical and legal aspects and a chapter on self care will be put into words

A meeting of the project directors and the project group was planned in Ukraine in July to work on the book and important issues that had to be cleared. Due to travel restrictions, a video conference had to be carried through. In barely two hours of intensive exchange, the current state of writing the texts, their translation and critical reading were discussed. It was just as important to point to possible barriers for a successful conclusion.  Here, the main focus lies on the processes of translation and on national and cultural aspects of palliative care.

It is a great joy to see the deep commitment of all who participate in this ambitious project. This textbook is meant to be used both in practice and in teaching. Dr. Julie Ling, Chief Executive Officer of the European Association for Palliative Care has already written a preface.  It will be accompanied by a foreword by a representative of the Health Ministry in Kiev.




Photos: project group (top) and Zoom meeting book project (bottom)