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Newsletter September 2019

Dear Readers,

While I am adressing these lines to you, we, the team of Johannes-Hospiz, are in the middle of the celebrations for the twenty years’ jubilee of the in-patient hospice. To start the celebrations, an exhibition was opened in the building of the local government (Bezirksregierung) not far from Münster’s cathedral, and governor Dorothee Feller and Ludger Prinz, managing director of the hospice, welcomed the guests. For fourteen days, Johannes-Hospiz will show its manifold tasks and activities to an interested public. Both culmination and close will be the day of the open hospice on the last day of August. I shall document this intensive time with many pictures in the December edition.

May I now wish you a good and informative reading of this late summer’s Newsletter.


Andreas Stähli

Day-to-day work at the hospice

Encounters at the Citizens’ Stall in the Heart of Münster

On a Saturday in July, the outpatient service of Johannes-Hospiz were present with six voluntary colleagues and a full-time coordinator in Ludgeri Street right in the heart of Münster. The citizens’ stall offers opportunities for social services and initiatives to present their work and to get into conversation with citizens. So the participating services can draw attention to their work and promote support and ...

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Workshop on Trust, Openness, and Sympathetic Presence in the Care for Gravely Ill or Dying People

“If we want to support people in their fear of suffering and death and relieve their burden, we must first of all recognize these fears in ourselves and change them by developing a trust greater than suffering and death. In the beginning, there is trust. A childlike primal sense of trust in what is not born and will never die, what will always accompany and carry us in life, death and thereafter, gives us fearlessness.” ...

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Expanding horizons

16th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC)

More than 3.000 participants from more than 100 countries, among them 500 participants from Germany, had come to the international congress in Berlin from Mai 23rd to 25th. The program, presented in a brochure of more than 200 pages, covered an ambitious spectrum of subjects and was titled “Global Palliative Care – Shaping the Future”. The many issues ranging from care, research ...

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