Workshop on Trust, Openness, and Sympathetic Presence in the Care for Gravely Ill or Dying People

“If we want to support people in their fear of suffering and death and relieve their burden, we must first of all recognize these fears in ourselves and change them by developing a trust greater than suffering and death. In the beginning, there is trust. A childlike primal sense of trust in what is not born and will never die, what will always accompany and carry us in life, death and thereafter, gives us fearlessness.”

With these reflections, the flyer drew attention to a workshop organized in May by the academy where both full-time and voluntary colleagues caring for the ill and dying had attended. Short talks took turns with simple exercises in contemplation and meditation and helped to get a deeper understanding of how fundamental for an authentic care are trust, openness and a sympathetic presence. Guided by the experienced teacher of meditation Lama Öser Bünker, it was made clear that these fundamental attitudes must be made aware and kept alive again and again, even after many years of experience in the care for the dying.

Due to the high interest, the workshop will be repeated once more in November.



In the photo top left: Lama Öser Bünker