Encounters at the Citizens’ Stall in the Heart of Münster

On a Saturday in July, the outpatient service of Johannes-Hospiz were present with six voluntary colleagues and a full-time coordinator in Ludgeri Street right in the heart of Münster. The citizens’ stall offers opportunities for social services and initiatives to present their work and to get into conversation with citizens. So the participating services can draw attention to their work and promote support and cooperation.

Even though many people seemed to be in the “shopping mode”, there were still many encounters and a far-reaching interest in the work of the out-patient hospice. People not only asked questions about the offers of the service but also about the ways of care for the dying and their families. Some showed their interest in a voluntary service or were curious to learn what kind of public actions this year’s anniversary of the in-patient hospice will bring along. But they also asked for the so successfully accepted “last aid courses” and for ways to care for moaning relatives offered by Johannes-Hospiz. It was a great joy, to arrange this nice kind of public work in the brightly coloured stall and, at the same time, to fulfill the aim of the foundation “Citizens for Münster” of promoting civil commitment in Münster. Our two new red bicycles, filled with informative literature and flowers, also made their contribution.


Alexandra Hieck
out-patient service of Johannes-Hospiz