Group treasure hunt – geocaching at Johannes Hospiz

Geocaching is a wonderful leisure activity for all the family, particularly in these times. It is a modern form of an age-old game – a treasure hunt – that offers plenty of fun and excitement for young and old. Geocachers will be pleased to know that here at the Johannes Hospiz we are also great fans of the game. The hiding places are chosen to ensure that they do not impinge on the hospice’s activities.

What’s more, each cache is interactive. Anyone making a find will receive a gift, an opportunity to bring joy to another person, be given cause for reflection or much more besides. If you have a mobile phone with GPS capabilities, take 30 minutes out of your day to come and join in!  The cache is called Johannes Hospiz Cache and the coordinates are as follows: N51°57'36.9 E7°38'53.5. The details are also available on the Geocaching website at

But it’s not as easy at that! Once you find the first cache, you will be given the coordinates of another cache. There you will find coordinates of further caches. Remember to bring a small gift with you, something you think will make someone happy. At one of the caches, you can help yourself to a gift and leave yours in its place. Let the excitement begin!

Not many people know what a hospice is all about. “Our Geocaching initiative is an attempt to introduce people to the work and meaning of a hospice in a light-hearted and playful manner,” says Managing Director Ludger Prinz.