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Newsletter September 2017

Dear Readers,

Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere is coming to a close; fall is knocking at the door. I admit to being a little envious when I think that spring is about to begin in New Zealand. I extend my warmest greetings to you, dear colleagues in New Zealand.

At the academy, the month of September is brimming with events. One special highlight will be the Members’ Conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Palliativmedizin (German Association for Palliative Medicine), which will be held in Münster on September 15 and 16. I will provide a short overview of this event in the “Expanding horizons” section. However, alongside this look ahead, I will also make space for a wonderful midsummer experience. This year, our staff party took place on a ship. You will find some pictures of our trip under “Day-to-day work at the hospice.”

Wishing you the contentment of carefree days from the bottom of my heart,


Andreas Stähli

Day-to-day work at the hospice

“Ship ahoy!” Midsummer staff party on the MS Günther

It was an excursion with a difference on June 19 – instead of meeting on solid ground, for once, our employees assembled on a boat. It was a wonderful sight: the hospice as a meeting place on the water. ...

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Philosophical gratitude and ingratitude in palliative care

There are more and more smaller hospice and palliative care academies in Germany as well as representatives in wards and in hospices who function as points of reference for educational topics. The German Charter for the Care of the Critically Ill and Dying ...

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Expanding horizons

Second Members’ Conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Palliativmedizin (German Association for Palliative Medicine) in Münster on September 15 and 16

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Palliativmedizin now has more than 5,500 members from a wide range of professional groups, of whom many are involved in its working groups, sections and state representation. Providing all members with time to engage in conversation with each other is the goal ...

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