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Newsletter March 2018

Dear Readers,

A great number of nice and ambitious tasks are on their way. I only name the process of creating a mission statement, which we started at Johannes-Hospiz and which we try to bring into as many colleagues as possible. I also mention a new offer for people in mourning, which will be described under the heading “Everyday life in the hospice”. Furthermore, I point to those tasks that particularly concern the Academy. I think before all of our participation in working out the S3-guideline of palliative medicine concerning “anxiety” and of our cooperation in creating a curriculum “spiritual care”. Both tasks fall within the larger frame of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Palliativmedizin” (German Society for Palliative Medicine). Finally, I would like to refer to our cooperation with a study group of Salzburg’s Paracelsus University, which is dedicated to bringing about a core curriculum “Palliative Care” for the WHO area of Europe. I will be travelling in charge of that project from April to September. My aim will be to collect data from several countries of that area. This will be done by means of a structured quantitative questionnaire on the one hand side and by expert interviews with a focus on qualitative research on the other. That is why, dear reader, the June and September editions of the Newsletter will not be published. But I will report on my impressions and first results in the December edition.

Kind regards


Andreas Stähli

Day-to-day work at the hospice

Moving and Mourning together

The offers for bereavement counselling are manifold at Johannes-Hospiz. In the December edition of the Newsletter we reported on the “room of silence”, which has been shaped particularly for grieving people. Since last autumn, we have been additionally offering seasonal hiking tours. As a matter of the heart, we want to promote mutual exchange, open up new ...

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2nd Forum on Spirituality and Spiritual Care

The first forum “Spirituality and Spiritual Care” took place in June last year. It aimed at bringing together people working on the field of education with those working on the field of specific pastoral and spiritual care in order to build up a network ...

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Expanding horizons

Planning health care for the last phase of life

In November 2015, the Deutsche Bundestag (German Parliament) passed the so-called „Hospice and Palliative Care Law“. The law provided “Health Care Planning for the last phase of life” as a new tool for nursing homes and institutions of rehabilitation. It aims ...

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