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Newsletter December 2020

Dear Readers,

planning educational provisions at present can only happen on very fragile ground. So it was a relief for all of us when we could start the professional training “Palliative Care for Nurses” with half a year’s delay in September. The continuation in November, however, had to be canceled due to COVID 19. Hard as the decisions may be at the moment I still experience those to whom it particularly concerns as very understanding: the participants of the course, the heads of the institution, and the instructors. With further education provisions put on ice there are still a lot of beautiful things to be reported from the other departments of Johannes-Hospiz. Grief counseling of single persons can, if requested, take place out in the open; and, quite differently, two colleagues of the in-patient hospice completed successfully a training with their two dogs, which will allow for an animal based care in the hospice. There has been a several years’ tradition of animal based care at Johannes-Hospiz.

The year 2020 which has been demanding for all of us, is coming to an end. I remain with best wishes for a blessed advent and Christmas season and a gentle start into 2021.


Andreas Stähli

Day-to-day work at the hospice

“We live on human contact” – How Corona Changes Everyday Life at the Hospice

When entering the villa at Hohenzollernring you will be received by the smell of freshly baked cake. Wherever you are just coming from, it feels like coming home. At once, you will realize a cosy, homey atmosphere. In spite of Corona.

Barbara H. (in her mid-fifties) has been living in Johannes-Hospiz for a couple of months. She is one of the residents with a longer stay. H. suffers of cancer, as most of the residents here do. ...

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The New Mission Statement and its Continuation

After three years, the work is done. The new mission statement of Johannes-Hospiz has been completed in two different formats: as a 58 pages printed brochure and as an online version. And the Academy had to fulfill a great number of tasks in the process.

It had been a long and intensive way, for what was to be the identity of Johannes-Hospiz, had to be found out by involving as many voluntary and ...

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Expanding horizons

Talk at the 3rd National Hospice and Palliative Congress in Kiev 9th October 2020
It was a special pleasure and honor for me to receive an invitation to give a talk at the 3rd National Hospice and Palliative Congress in Kiev, which had to be held online this year. I used the opportunity to report on the so much enriching cooperation between the hospice in Iwano-Frankiwsk and Johannes-Hospiz. The by now three years’ cooperation of our two institutions bore many fruits, which were presented in a compact way. I did not fail to point to an actual book project. It deals with a textbook “Palliative Care for Nurses” in Ukrainian language, which is just being written together with a work group in Iwano-Frankiwsk. ...

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