The New Mission Statement and its Continuation

After three years, the work is done. The new mission statement of Johannes-Hospiz has been completed in two different formats: as a 58 pages printed brochure and as an online version. And the Academy had to fulfill a great number of tasks in the process.

It had been a long and intensive way, for what was to be the identity of Johannes-Hospiz, had to be found out by involving as many voluntary and employed colleagues as possible. From the common clearing processes, oscillating between suggestions of the project team and ideas from all departments of the hospice, twelve “Great Words” have emerged. They are, so to speak, twelve inner centres of our being, our wishing and our acting, turned into language.

To be a shelter – to care – to form relations – to grip the moment – to stand up for dignity – to be on the road as a team – to show a concern for quality – to move the citizens – to let things happen – to live spirituality – to be learners – to keep memory.

The new mission statement which has emerged from a living process wants to carry on just this state of being moved particularly by further education provisions. These shall lead the participants to a deeper reflection, to a common deliberate dispute and to an inspiring exchange. Each module is appropriate for that. We shall start with a one day seminar for the colleagues on the subject “Standing up for dignity” in April next year. A further seminar is planned on the principle “Showing a concern for quality” in the autumn of 2021. In developing the mission statement it showed that this rather sober issue had emotional implications. In the further education courses this inner fire is an ideal prerequisite for fruitful discussion!

You can watch the online-version on our website. There you can download a free printable version (in German) as pdf-file.