International work placement programme at Johannes-Hospiz: practical tips and information for visitors

In the following, we hope to answer questions you may have about visiting Johannes-Hospiz.

What we offer:

We offer the opportunity to visit our facilities. Our main focus is on inpatient hospice care and the academy. We can offer only a limited glimpse of the work of our outpatient hospice and volunteers, as well as our bereavement counselling activities. You will also have a chance to speak to the Johannes-Hospiz management team and the people in charge of pastoral care, public relations and fundraising. We can also help you get in touch with a palliative care physician at Münster University Hospital.

How long you can visit:

A work placement programme lasting up to three days is available. Depending on your interests, you can spend the entire programme at our inpatient hospice or attend our academy for two days. Only brief visitations and meetings with a small group of participants are possible in our other departments.


Visits to our inpatient hospice are limited to nursing and medical staff. Other departments may only be visited following prior consultation and approval.

Due to staff constraints, work placements are limited to single persons. We are happy to offer group tours of both our Johannes-Hospiz facilities.


In English; the palliative physician also speaks French.


At your request, we would be happy to arrange for accommodation in Münster. The hospice can cover the cost of meals on-site. The work placement also includes a free meal at a traditional local-style restaurant in Münster as well as a guided tour of the city.

We welcome donations, depending on the financial resources of the participant.



Dr. Andreas Stähli, M.A.

Rudolfstr. 31
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Phone: +49 251 37409278
Mobile: +49 151 21246154
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