“Hello, I am nurse Angelina” – an English course for inpatient care professionals

The work placements of our Ukrainian colleagues last year once again showed how important it is to have a basic command of English in a healthcare environment. English language skills are also a vital part of helping people who speak little to no German. Language may not form a physical barrier, but it still makes it more difficult to communicate with people and understand their needs.

That’s why we organised an in-house training course for inpatient care professionals consisting of five two-hour sessions. The training took place in the first quarter, before the COVID-19 crisis took hold. One of our colleagues came up with some key topics before the course, which were translated by university lecturer Uwe Rasch and handed out to the course participants in the form of a script. The script is now also on display at the care support point for the benefit of all employees. Care work requires a very specific type of vocabulary – from welcoming patients and noting where they are suffering pain all the way through to terminal care.

For many of us, it has been decades since school English lessons. But the vibrant and interactive nature of the course made the process fun and motivational. As with many things in life, the hard work paid off, with all participants feeling that they had gained a lot from the training.

This course is an excellent example of the rewarding partnership between inpatient care and the Academy at the Johannes Hospiz.


Image with caption: Lecturer Uwe Rasch during the in-house training at the hospice