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Newsletter September 2021

Dear Readers,

The summer months have brought some relief to various departments of our hospice. A great number of events which had only been possible as video conferences in the past months could finally again take place as in-person-events. So we found confirmed what makes the centre of our activities, namely the personal encounter. On the 21st of August we celebrated our great summer party for all fully employed and voluntary colleagues in Pleistermühle, a beautifully situated country inn outside the city gates of Münster. Almost needless to say how touching and important this evening was for us.

I send my regards and wish that you too may collect a lot of summer lightness


Andreas Stähli

Day-to-day work at the hospice

A Blues Jam Session with Matt Walsh in the Hospice’s Garden

Picking up the thread of the little garden concerts in 2020 we offered this year, too, to the seriously ill residents of the hospice a special musical program of chansons, melodies from musicals and jazz, or, in this case, of blues. So Matt Walsh and his fellow musicians made a Sunday afternoon quite an experience. Born in Ireland, Matt Walsh has been living in Münster for many years. It is rather the mellow, smoky tones that make up him and his music. Beside the mouth harp it is the saxophone which he knows to play brilliantly – supported in this session by his three fellow musicians on bass, guitar and cajon (box drum). The emotional sound of ...

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Theme Week for Voluntary Colleagues of Johannes-Hospiz

The number of about 90 voluntary colleagues who work in the in-patient and out-patient hospice already speaks for itself. It shows impressively a civic commitment which finds many expressions in the hospice. It was all the more important to the head of the in-patient hospice, Michael Roes, that the considerable restrictions both of the communication between the colleagues and of matters of further training should be compensated. The good incidence rate and the very good vaccination status of the voluntary colleagues made it possible to carry through a theme week in the seminar room of Rudolfstraße. Every afternoon from 5 to 7 o’clock there ...

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Expanding horizons

Flyer in Russian Completed

My several months’ journey through many countries of East Europe and Central Asia within a research project in Palliative Care aroused my vivid interest in the situation of these countries. I made the painful experience that I was only able to communicate in English. But good knowledge of English cannot be taken for granted in these regions, particularly not with the nursing professions. That could be shown on the occasion of the successful short practical trainings of four Ukrainian nurses in Münster. But even we at Johannes-Hospiz feel shaky on English, specially in the medical context. ...

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