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Newsletter March 2019

Dear Readers,

The in-patient department of Johannes-Hospiz will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year in August. In order to do this special event in style, we have been busy with a lot of planning which shall give expression to the great variety and vividness of our hospice work. This Newsletter with its contributions reflects three priorities: the meaning of memory, of pause, reflection and exchange, and of development. With commitment and expectation we are looking forward to summer and its jubilee days.

But first of all, our anticipation is dedicated to the spring to come and to nature’s reawakening. I wish you strength and many moments of stopping and listening.

Yours cordially

Andreas Stähli

Day-to-day work at the hospice

Nobody is forgotten

The in-patient department of Johannes-Hospiz has many beloved traditions, one of which is the Book of Memory in the chapel. All residents will be entered into this book after they died to remind of their time in the hospice. I write and care for this book already in the fourth generation, for this tradition has been existing since August 1999 when our house was opened. I took over the format from my predecessors, and meanwhile ...

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Workshops in the Process of Finding a Mission Statement

It was in 2017 when, looking ahead to the 20th anniversary of Johannes-Hospiz, the idea came into being for the first time to revise the existing mission statement. Many things had changed during the last decade. These changes find expression in the enlargement of the hospice into new departments such as the outpatient hospice service, special offers for mourning relatives, and the Academy. In the preparatory conversations it soon turned ...

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Expanding horizons

A Project Journey through WHO-Europe, Part 2

As reported in the December edition of the Newsletter, the director of the Academy is for the time being member of a project group at Paracelsus University Salzburg developing a core curriculum in Palliative Care on behalf of WHO-Europe. Special emphasis is laid on the regions of Central Asia and East and Southeast Europe. ...

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