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Newsletter March 2017

Dear reader,

The Academy at Johannes-Hospiz has a new logo which emphasizes on the one hand its autonomy within the framework of its educational task and shows on the other hand its attachment to the hospice as a whole. An important difference is its Claim. Instead of “Safe and Secure in our Midst”, a slogan representing as best as possible the idea of care, I chose the name of “Kairos”. On the terrace of the house which the Academy belongs to a statue of this Greek god is presented showing the viewer where to direct his attention to, namely to the moment. With this in mind, Horace coined his motto of life: “Carpe diem!”

Beside a new logo, the academy now has its own domain which you find in the footer of this newsletter. At the same time, we redesigned the pages of our homepage with an extended set of headings, among them the column “International”. Parts of our homepage can be called up in English. Perhaps you would like to leaf through our new pages. And there is one more change: From now on, the newsletter will be published once every quarter of the year.
Always looking forward to feedbacks


Andreas Stähli

Day-to-day work at the hospice

„One last time to Schalke“

It turned out to be that one great highlight which Raimund Montenbruck had been looking forward to: to be once more in Schalke to see a game of his club. And there he was, live among 55.000 spectators, at the Europe-League game against Krasnodar.

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A Publication on the (Voluntary) Renouncement of Food and Liquids at the End of Life

The Academy at Johannes-Hospiz together with two colleagues from the in-patient hospice and the directing physician of the specialized out-patient palliative services in Münster published a contribution in the November 2016 edition of the Journal for ...

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Expanding horizons

Visitations (practical trainings) from abroad at Johannes-Hospiz

Johannes-Hospiz is active in many fields (inpatient and outpatient hospice, bereavement counselling, academy). As a result, we greatly value contacts to palliative care facilities and organisations in other countries. This is reflected in the signing of ...

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