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Newsletter June 2017

Dear reader,

It was a great pleasure when Dr. Ekatharina Kuzmina, directing physician of a hospital with 360 beds in Schuja, visited Johannes-Hospiz in March. Andreas Stähli described the different departments of our two houses. At the same time, he learned about palliative work in this town of 59.000 inhabitants, 300 km away from Moscow. In the hospital, there is already a palliative ward with 10 beds.

With regard to the international perspective you will find in this newsletter a short report of the EACP congress in Madrid. The conference made clear to the participants how powerful and effective the Palliative Care Movement is in Europe and beyond.

It is in the spirit of this ‘Progressing Calliative Care’ that I send my most cordial regards to you.


Ihr Andreas Stähli

Day-to-day work at the hospice

Challenge and Mastery: Computerized Nursing Documentation makes its entrance into Johannes Hospiz

A team meeting in 2015 made it clear: Even we must keep up with progress and adjust our nursing documentation. When asking for the right moment in time we quickly agreed: “If not now, when else?” We are not getting younger after all. ...

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Workshop on Dignity Therapy

A workshop titled “Biograpy Work at Life’s End – How to Support a Deliberate Forming of Life Transitions” was held in the Academy at the end of May and was chaired by the sociologist Dr. Swantje Goebel of the hospice society Bergstraße e.V. Main emphasis was laid on “Dignity Therapy”, a therapeutic short time intervention for critically ill people, which is also important for lay people and relatives. ...

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Expanding horizons

15th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) in Madrid 18-20 May 2017

Just to hold the program of this three days’ professional congress in your hands gives you a feeling of astonishment and fascination at a time. Tightly pressed into more than 160 pages you could find an extensive range of topics on the main theme “Progressing Palliative Care”. It took a thorough reading guided by one’s professional interests and obligations, to make a choice from this abundance of topics. There was the whole ...

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