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Newsletter December 2019

Dear Readers,

As part of the celebrations honouring the 20th anniversary of the inpatient hospice, we had the pleasure of welcoming Prof. Dr Franco Rest, one of the pioneers of the hospice movement in Germany, as a speaker. The event also gave participants the opportunity to share their experiences; a moving and fitting moment considering Franco Rest gave the ceremonial address at the opening of our hospice back in August 1999. A number of questions were raised after the event, which I collected and sent to Prof. Dr Rest, whose responses I awaited with great anticipation. This newsletter includes an abbreviated English version of his fascinating answers to these questions. To mark this special occasion, I have decided to set aside our usual series of newsletter categories.

The year is slowly coming to an end. Thank you for following all the goings-on at Johannes Hospiz, which we have tried to present to you in the academy newsletters to some extent. I sincerely hope you will remain among our readers in 2020.

Wishing you a blessed advent and Christmas period and a great start to 2020.

Andreas Stähli

Questions to Prof. Dr Franco Rest

How would you assess the hospice work that has been carried out in Germany for more than 30 years now?

The hospice movement and its many facets have made an undeniable contribution to the rehumanisation of our society. Dying patients now have the chance to win back the personhood that they had previously lost, and social care and healthcare institutions now have the chance to reach the weakest of the weak, at least in some areas (outpatient care, networks); life and death have returned to our collective conscience from their exile, with rituals and symbols that have either been suppressed or placed in the hands of specialists returning to people’s control; places where people die are no longer secretive; and the completion of life is more about embracing one’s individuality rather than a problem of disposal. ...

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Picture above:
Franco Rest with Managing Director Ludger Prinz (left) and Andreas Stähli (right)

Picture left:
Franco Rest during a press conference

Picture below:
Franco Rest during his lecture at the district government in Münster on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Johannes Hospice

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